Traditional Undergraduate
Catalog • 2011-2012

Academic Advising

Academic Advising

Students meet with their faculty advisors to discuss academic goals and interests as well as to make course selections each semester.

Assignment to advisor

Incoming Freshmen: Incoming freshmen are assigned a faculty advisor. When possible the assigned advisor is from the area of interest expressed by the student at the time of application.

Transfer Students: A faculty advisor is matched with a transferring student prior to her first semester of study. A student’s faculty advisor may change when the student officially declares a major.

Double Majors and Co-Majors: These students should consult with advisors from both academic disciplines prior to registration.

Dean of Student Affairs

Student Affairs is committed to the holistic development of students through intentional programming and services. Members of the Student Affairs staff work collaboratively to foster an environment that promotes health and wellness, the development of women's leadership skills, and a commitment to civic engagement. Through co-curricular involvement students are encouraged to develop a spirit of cooperation, respect for diverse people and ideas, and the ability to become productive members of the larger community.