Catalog • 2012-2013

Gender Studies Courses

GND 100 Introduction to Gender Studies - 3 credits

Focuses on the experiences of women, the significance of gender in society, and interdisciplinary approaches to the study of gender. The course investigates
1) the social construction of gender, and
2) the interdependent relationships of gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexual identities, age, and physical ability. P
articular attention is paid to the role of gender in the media and popular culture.

GND 222 Race and Gender in the Media - 3 credits

As consumers and producers of media, it is important that communication majors and non-communication majors critically examine the role of media in forming our beliefs about race, ethnicity, and gender in society. Media have the ability to shape, challenge, and uphold our beliefs about others and ourselves. Through this course, students will explore the social construction of race and gender through readings, discussion, and research. Specifically, the class will focus on critically viewing race and gender in film, television, and print media.
Cross-listed as CST 222.

GND 242 Conceiving Women: Feminism, Technology and Reproduction

Throughout Western civilization, philosophy and medicine have accorded women only a very passive role in the process of procreation, even though women have always been defined primarily in terms of their ability to conceive and bear children. This course will examine what effect the various technologies of reproduction (from contraception to assisted reproduction) have had and are having on how women and their bodies are understood and valued. Do the reproductive options made possible by recent technological innovations reinforce or undermine that construction of passivity? Do they empower or oppress women? And what level of autonomy have women gained in the area of reproduction?

GND 260/360 Special Topics in Gender Studies - 1-3 credits

Highlights special topics that supplement regular offerings for the gender studies minor. Frequently cross-listed as offering in another academic discipline, this course may fulfill one or more theme categories.

GND 350 Research in Gender Studies - 1 credit

Students roster this course along with their capstone experience in their major or their Honors senior project. They work with a gender studies faculty member to explore gender theory appropriate to their project in their major and to produce a researched product that dovetails with their capstone work and that focuses on gender issues.