Catalog • 2012-2013

Nuclear Medicine Courses

NMT 411 and 412 Nuclear Imaging and Instrumentation - 6 credits each term

These courses offer an in-depth view of the clinical imaging and instrumentation commonly used in nuclear medicine.

NMT 413 and 414 Clinical Practicum - 2 credits each term

These courses offer a practical experience observing and applying health-care principles in nuclear medicine. Students accept responsibility for a wide variety of procedures and must demonstrate competency in performance of these procedures.

NMT 415 Cross-sectional Anatomy - 2 credits

Human anatomy in the transverse, longitudinal and coronal planes with application to nuclear medicine images.

NMT 421 Nuclear Physics and Radiation Safety - 2 credits

A study of atomic and nuclear physics, radioactivity and properties of nuclear radiation. Included are pertinent radiation safety methodologies, federal and state regulations and internal dosimetry.

NMT 424 Applied Technical Mathematics/Statistics - 1 credit

Derivation, manipulation and application of appropriate equations, including descriptive and inductive statistics and graphing are studied.

NMT 425 Patient Care - 1 credit

Prepares students for practical experience in the clinical setting. Topics include medical terminology, patient-care procedures, resuscitation techniques, patient safety and body mechanics, sterile techniques and special-patient procedures. Hands-on experience under supervision is included.

NMT 426 Quality Assurance - 1 credit
An introduction to concepts of quality and quality evaluation by reliable and reproducible methods.
NMT 428 Computers in Medical Imaging - 1 credit

A review of basic computer science concepts and application of computer technology to generation and processing medical images.

NMT 430 Radiopharmaceuticals - 1 credit

A study of pharmacologically prepared radioactive agents, including structure, quality control and use.

NMT 432 Non-Imaging Procedures - 1 credit

A review of therapeutic and in-vitro procedures performed in nuclear medicine with an understanding of the physiology and pathophysiology associated with these procedures.

NMT 441 Nuclear Oncology - 1 credit

The role of nuclear medicine relevant to the diagnosis, management, therapy and evaluation of therapeutic responses in patients with oncologic disorders.

NMT 451 Clinical Seminar/Research - 2 credits

Considers important research topics in nuclear medicine in a format of informal discussion and provides the student with an opportunity to initiate and complete a research project.

NMT 452 Patient Ethics - 1 credit

Designed to make students aware of complex situations in medicine that require moral reflection, judgment or decision.

NMT 461 Introduction to CT

An introduction to the concepts of CT including essential physical principles, hardware and system operations, CT safety and clinical imaging strategies.