Catalog • 2012-2013

Writing - Minor

For information, contact Dr. LuAnn McCracken Fletcher or Dr. Robert Wilson.

Program Description

Effective communication has become increasingly important to employers and to all educated people in today’s world. The ability to write well adds to students’ confidence that they will be able to perform well in their chosen careers. The Writing minor allows students who have an interest in writing to develop their abilities further and gives students in all majors the chance to develop and improve their writing abilities as an enhancement of their field of study. The minor also offers students the opportunity to gain valuable practical experience through the internship option.

Program Mission Statement

The Writing minor is committed to the mission of the College and of the English Program; in particular, it addresses the College’s focus on the liberal arts and creativity, as well as on women’s leadership. The mission of the Writing Minor is twofold: to encourage students to develop their creativity by producing a series of original works and to help students prepare for careers that require effective communication and creative problem-solving.

Total number of credits required by program: The writing minor requires 18 credits of coursework.

Course Requirements

ENG 235: Topics in Nonfiction Writing is required for the minor.

In addition to ENG 235, students choose 15 credits from among the following courses:

BUA 300 Writing for Management 3 credits
COM 150 Introduction to Journalism 3 credits
COM 152 “The Crestiad”: Staff 1-3 credits
ENG 200 Literary Analysis 3 credits
ENG 203 Literary Research Methods 3 credits
ENG 233 Creative Writing: Fiction 3 credits
ENG 234 Creative Writing: Poetry 3 credits
ENG 333 Topics in Creative Writing: Fiction 3 credits
ENG 334 Topics in Creative Writing: Poetry 3 credits
ENG 335 Advanced Nonfiction Writing 3 credits
THS 332 Playwriting 3 credits
HON 194 HONORS: Creative Writing 3 credits
(enrollment in the Honors Program is required)

In addition to the permanent selections listed above, appropriate courses offered under special topics or other courses with the WRI-2 designation may count for the minor. Students may also choose to complete a three-credit internship (department approval is required). Students must also receive departmental approval to have a course count for the minor if the same course is also being used to fulfill another major or another minor. No more than two courses from a student’s major may be used to satisfy the requirements for the Writing minor.