Graduate Catalog • 2012-2013

Campus Support


Female graduate students are eligible for on-campus housing in Curtis Hall. Curtis Hall is both a residence hall and an administrative building where offices are located and classes are held. Up to 72 residents live in Curtis Hall, with 13 spaces allocated for graduate students in a separate wing. The graduate wing is traditional in style, with double and single rooms, a community bathroom, and shared lounge space.

For information on graduate student housing please contact Kelly Steinmetz Director of Residence Life at, or 610-606-4603.


Safety and Security

Cedar Crest’s fine security record is attributable to the College’s location in a low-crime residential area, its efforts to ensure the safety of students, faculty and staff, and the cooperation of the entire campus community. Information on Campus Safety & Security policies and procedures is available to students, faculty and staff online at any time and is located at, Hard copies are also available upon request from the Safety & Security Office.

Vehicles: Cedar Crest students may have a vehicle on campus. However, all vehicles must be registered, and operators must comply with all motor vehicle and parking regulations as listed in the College student handbook. Parking and traffic regulations are distributed to all students at the beginning of the academic year and additional copies can be obtained at any time from the Safety & Security Office located in the Physical Plant Building. The regulations cover such areas as registering a vehicle, traffic and parking rules and related infractions. Vehicles may not be left on campus during summer or winter breaks.

Drugs and Alcohol: Cedar Crest College shares the concern of the medical profession and law enforcement agencies over the serious effects that can result from the use of dangerous drugs and narcotics. Cedar Crest opposes the possession and use of dangerous drugs and narcotics by its students on or off campus. The College will cooperate with the state in the enforcement of the Pennsylvania state laws. It may take disciplinary action against a student who violates this law, to the extent of separation from the College. Cedar Crest College complies with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania liquor laws. All students are expected to know and abide by these laws and to follow the College procedures that support them.

Weapons: Weapons are prohibited on the campus of Cedar Crest College. It is against College policy for any person to possess or carry, whether openly or concealed, any knife, firearm, explosive or potentially dangerous weapon on College property. All federal, state and local laws regulating the possession, use and sale of weapons are in force on the Cedar Crest campus. Because Cedar Crest has a record of being a safe, secure campus with no incident having occurred that would warrant the use of armed officers, members of the campus security force do not carry firearms unless a special security event warrants such a need.


Student Health Insurance

Full-time graduate students are encouraged to have medical insurance providing coverage for accidents or illness. If students do not have their own plan, the College provides an annual plan at a reasonable cost for full-time graduate students. Students who enroll in January are charged for a partial year’s coverage. All election forms must be submitted prior to the first day of classes. This basic plan may not cover all expenses incurred for the medical treatment of a student. It is strongly recommended that students review the coverage provided to be sure it meets their needs.