Academic Programs

Provost:  Elizabeth M. Meade, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Student Success and Retention:  Christine M. Nowik, M.A.
Assistant to the Provost:  Robin A. Schenkel, B.S.
Executive Director of Assessment, Accreditation, and Compliance:  LaMont A. Rouse, PhD., M.P.A.
Director of Institutional Research:  Lyn C. Williams, M.Ed.

Academic Services

Assistant Director: Karen A. Schoenborn, M.A.

ESL Specialist/Special Populations Advisor: Kenza M. Glass,
Coordinator of Science and Math Resources: Gary L. Moll, B.S.

Transfer Advisor: Lynn M. Ritter, A.B.

Writing Center Coordinator: Eileen M. Brumit, M.A.
Administrative Assistant: Barbara M. Farley

Admissions and Enrollment Management

Dean of Admissions: TBA
Director of Admissions: Lincoln Morris, M.S.

Associate Director of Admissions: Andrea C. Stewart, B.A.
Assistant Director: Joshua A. Tehonica, B.S.

Assistant Director: Carrie Gradin, B.A.
Administrative Assistant: Ann E. Sywensky, B.S.

Admissions Representative: Jesenia Holguin, B.S.

Admissions Representative: Jaclyn L. Aldworth, M.A.

Database Manager: Roxana I. Shupp, B.S.

Assistant to the Vice President: Margaret Shupp

Allen Center for Nutrition

Director:  Martine I. Scannavino, DHSc, RD, LDN

Alumnae Affairs

Executive Director of Alumnae Affairs:  Susan Seccombe Cox, B.A.
Alumnae Outreach Coordinator:  Carrie E. Moore, B.A.
Alumnae Secretary:  Cindy A. Talaber

Campus Police

Chief of Campus Police:  Mark A. Vitalos
Assistant Chief of Campus Police:  Roger W. Johns, B.A.
Office Manager:  Don A. Frehulfer


Director of Facilities: Matthew J. Yencha, CEFP

Grounds Supervisor: William F. Rantz

Maintenance Supervisor: David J. Deblass
Assistant to the Director: Denise Eckert

Finance and Administration

Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer: Audra J. Kahr, CPA

Human Resources Director: Margie L. Grandinetti, M.S.

Compensation Manager: Heather Hartner, A.B.

Manager of Accounting: Megan A. Stauffer, B.S.

Accounting Assistant: David Agosti, B.S.
Accounts Payable Coordinator: Mary Deutsch

Cashier: Lynda B. Yohe

Student Financial Services

Director of Student Financial Services: Valerie D. Kreiser, A.B.

Associate Director of Student Financial Services: Jennifer A. Carpenter, B.S.

Assistant Director of Student Financial Services: Kim L. Adamson, M.Ed.

Manager of Student Accounts & Billing: Tracy O’Donnell, A.S.

Student Financial Services Counselor: Andrea L. Helwig, B.S.
Student Financial Services Specialist: Denise F. Shaw, B.A.

General Services

Director of General Services:  Walter J. Baransky, B.A.
Purchasing Coordinator:  Karen L. Khattari, B.A.
Printing Services Coordinator:  Seth A. Rehrig
Assistant to the Director:  Denise Eckert

Global Initiatives and International Programs

Director:  Kathleen J. Weatherford, Ph.D.

Information Technology

Director of Information Technology:  Kathleen Cunningham, B.S.
Assistant Director:  Julie A. Hobert, B.S.
Web Programmer/Analyst:  Paul V. Edinger, B.S.
Instructional Designer:  Matthew L. Kile, M.S.
Information Support Specialist:  Shannon L. Pretko, B.S.
Network Administrator:  Michael Ortiz, B.S.
Information Technology/Audio Visual Support Specialist:  Scott D. Koder
Media/Audio Visual Coordinator:  Judith L. Titus

Institutional Advancement

Vice President for Advancement and Alumnae Relations: Susan Arnold, B.S.
Director of Development: Debra W. Khateeb, B.A.

Assistant to the Vice President: Princess Zehner

Director of Annual Giving: Brooke N. Schiavone, B.S.

Gift Processing and Budget Coordinator: Patricia A. Lorenzo, B.A.

Leadership Gifts Associate & Stewardship: Laura J. Klucharich, B.S.

Advancement Services Administrator: Brandy L. Furry, B.A.

Associate Director of Leadership Gifts: Lori Gilio, B.S.

Cressman Library

Director of Cressman Library:  Mary Beth A. Freeh, M.L.S.
Electronic Resources, Information and Instructional Librarian:  Sheri M. Schneider, M.S., M.S.I.S.
Technical Services Librarian:  Scott T. Parkinson, M.S.
Lending Services Coordinator:  Kyle S. Crimi, B.A.
Media and Audio Visual Coordinator:  Judith L. Titus

Marketing and Communications

Chief Marketing Officer: Gaetan Giannini, M.B.A.
Coordinator of Marketing/Communications and Outreach: Laura Powers, B.A.

Webmaster and Electronic Marketing Specialist: Paul N. Pastrone, B.A.
Digital Marketing Strategist: Samantha Buker, B.A.
Assistant Webmaster: Christine A. Hickey, B.S.
Administrative Assistant: Angeligue Blanar, B.A.

Office of the President

President: Carmen Twillie Ambar, M.A., J.D.

Assistant to the President/Secretary to the Board of Trustees: Karen L. Dorney, B.A.
Assitant to the President: Meghan Grady, B.A.

Registrar’s Office

Registrar: Janet L. Baker, M.B.A.

Associate Registrar: Stacey M. Berger, B.S.

Administrative Assistant: Gwyn L. Fadler,
Administrative Assistant: Jacquelyn L. Deigert

Rodale Aquatic Center for Civic Health

Director of Rodale Aquatic Center: Scott R. Rowlands, B.A.

Director of Rodale Aquatic Center: Susan Danish

Office Manager: Jennifer C. Helmuth, B.A.

SAGE: School of Adult and Graduate Education

Dean of SAGE: Gaetan T. Giannini, M.B.A.

Associate Director: Mary Ellen Hickes, M.A.

Assistant Director: Irene E. Wentzell, M.Ed.

Academic Advisor: Rebecca Getz Keller, M.A.,
Admissions Counselor: Ann R. Ludman, B.A.
Office Coordinator: Christine M. Fazakas, B.A.

Database Coordinator: Susanne E. Paraszczak
Administrative Assistant: Angeligue Blanar, B.A.

Student Affairs

Dean of Student Affairs: Mary Alice Ozechoski, M.A., 

Program Coordinator/Assistant to Dean of Student Affairs: Danielle Ortiz

Director of Residence Life: Kelly M. Steinmetz, M.Ed.
Assistant Director of Residence Life: TBA

Coordinator of Programs and Outreach: Arlene M. Peltola, M.B.A.

Director of Athletics, Wellness and Recreation: Lisa Goddard McGuirk, B.A.

Associate Director of Athletics for Operations and Facilities & Head Women’s Basketball & Cross Country Coach: Ty Taylor, B.S.
Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance & Recruiting & Head Field Hockey and Lacrosse Coach: Cindy Joseph, B.A.
Assistant Athletic Director for Recreation & Head Volleyball Coach: Mary Rotimi, M.A.
Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Communication and Media Relations & Head Swim Coach: Greg Vossler, B.A.
Assistant Athletic Director for Wellness & Head Soccer Coach: Sarah Wolcott, M.A. 

Head Athletic Trainer: Beth Oudin, B.S.
Director of Career Planning: Jenelle Henry, M. Ed.

Administrative Assistant to Career Planning, Residence Life and Global Initiatives and International Programs: Lynn Pigliacampi, B.S.

Director of Community Service Programs: Tammy E. Bean, M.Ed.

Director of Leadership & Student Development: Cynthia N. Fulford, Ph.D.

Administrative Assistant to Leadership & Student Development: Lauren Condon, B.A.

Tompkins College Center

Manager of College Center and Conference Services: Shelley Rex, B.A.

Events Coordinator: Amy Krum, B.A.