Writing Courses

WRI 001 College Writing Studio - 1 credit

College Writing Studio is a supplemental writing lab taken concurrently with WRI-1 courses, providing extended workshop time and basic instruction in grammar, sentence and paragraph structures, and essay coherence. Students are recommended for placement in the studio based upon college entrance examination scores and WRI-1 writing samples. Graded Pass/Fail.

WRI 100 College Writing - 3 credits

Instruction in the college writing process, with intensive practice in writing clear, logical, and persuasive prose, stressing focus, content, organization, style and conventions in argument. Students must pass with a final grade of “C” to fulfill the liberal arts curriculum requirements. 

Students must satisfy the WRI-1 requirement before taking all 200- and 300-level ENG courses, with the exception of ENG 201, 205, 220, 223, 225, and 280.