Art - Minor

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Art History Minor

The Art History Minor is for students interested in studying the history of art and is an excellent supplement to an Art or History major. See Art History Minor below for course requirements. For students interested in pursuing Museum Studies at the graduate level, the Art History minor is essential.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Art Minor within the Art Major is to provide:

  • students with the tools to engage in processes and techniques that prepare them to visually communicate independent ideas that are informed by historical, cultural and artistic references.
  • curriculum that encourages individual expression and prepares innovative leaders to engage in creative thinking and problem solving based upon the interconnectedness of the liberal arts.
  • art experiences that enhance an understanding of the integrated nature of learning in a liberal arts environment and to provide those who choose the visual arts as a primary focus with the means to reach a high level of experience.
  • arts based resources including exhibitions, residencies and student initiated programs for the enrichment of artistic culture of the college and local community.


Art History Minor

ART 105: Art History I 3 credits
ART 106: Art History II 3 credits

Three Art History electives:
ART 200: Modern Art: 1800-1945 (fall) 3 credits
ART 210: Contemporary Art: 1945-present (spring) 3 credits
ART 215: Selected Movements in Art 3 credits
ART 220: Women Artists (spring) 3 credits

One of the following:
ART 110: Principles of Visual Organization 3 credits
ART 101: Beginning Drawing 3 credits

History 107 and 108 are strongly suggested.

Total Credits: 18 credits