Communication - Minor

For information, contact Professor James Brancato,, 610-606-4666, ext. 3470

A minor in Communication focuses on the activity, implementation, processing or study of human communication. Students who minor in Communication typically pursue careers in many fields, including marketing, advertising, journalism, public relations, development, video and film production, and broadcasting. Students frequently combine a Communication minor with a variety of disciplines that stress interpersonal and self-presentation skills, including Business, English, Art, performing Arts and many others.

Additionally, the Communication Department plays a crucial role in student life and campus culture through the sponsorship of the student newspaper, “The Crestiad,” the campus radio station (CCC Radio) and the Convergence Lab.

Requirements for the Communication Minor (18 credits minimum)

The Communication minor consists of a minimum of 5 courses and at least 18 credits. The following course is required:

COM 100 Introduction to Communication 3 credits
Students will select at least four additional COM courses. An internship may not count towards the minor.
Students are required to meet with a Communication faculty member in order to structure the course of study for the minor to the student’s interests and best advantage.
A grade of C- or better is needed for courses that fulfill minor requirements.