Anthropology - Minor

For information, contact Professor Maynard Cressman,, 610-606-4666, ext. 3502

Program Description

Anthropology is the study of humankind, in the broadest sense, from prehistory to the present, and in a variety of global settings. At Cedar Crest, emphasis is given to cultural anthropology, the field that deals with the description and analysis of contemporary cultures, both familiar and exotic. However, through cognate and LVAIC courses, students can study archeology and prehistory, too. Courses cover a broad array of topics such as family systems, political arrangements, religious belief systems and ritual, expressive culture, as well as issues that pertain to race, gender roles and relations and cultural dislocation.

The program offers students the opportunity to do supervised fieldwork in the local community, internships at historical and cultural agencies, as well as abroad. The program is useful for those who wish to work in any field of community studies, social services, heritage management and museum studies, law and government, or education.

Mission Statement

The anthropology minor focuses on humans and human cultures of the past and the present, addressing the theme of cultural difference, specifically what impels people and groups to believe and act in the way they do and how humankind evolved. The first objective is apparent in each course and cumulatively in the program; the second is heavily emphasized in one course but addressed in many others. The anthropological perspective, duly learned, helps students acquire a more culturally relative outlook on themselves, their home society, and the world.

Number of credits: 18 credits

Requirements for the Anthropology Minor

The minor requires ANT 100 and five additional courses:
ANT 100 Cultural Anthropology 3 credits
ANT 210 Introduction to Archeology 3 credits
ANT 219 Human Evolution and Prehistory 3 credits
ANT 300 World Archeology 3 credits
ANT 390 Independent Study 3 credits
GS 100 The Globalizing World 3 credits
REL 100 Introduction to Religion and Culture 3 credits
REL 101 Ancient Egyptian Religion 3 credits