Residence Hall Information

Residencey Requirement

An undergraduate traditional woman student is expected to live in a College residence hall if she is registered for twelve or more hours of academic credit unless she is officially designated as a commuter student. Official designation of commuter status is made by the director of residence life. A student will be eligible for consideration as a commuter student if she lives within a 60-mile radius of the College and is currently residing with her parent(s), legal guardian or spouse. A student who has completed six semesters of college work elsewhere as a full-time student in good standing or has achieved senior student status will be eligible for consideration as a commuter student. A student is also eligible for commuter status if she is designated as "independent" for financial aid purposes.

Housing is provided to traditional undergraduate students. Limited housing is available for graduate and adult undergraduate women. Changing status from resident to commuter or commuter to resident can affect a student’s financial aid package. Students who are considering moving off campus must discuss this plan with the director of residence life and the student financial services office prior to making that decision. The change of residence form can be obtained from the director of residence life and must be completed prior to the residence change. Final approval of change in housing status is made by the director of residence life. Students who change their status to off-campus or commuter student after completing the housing agreement are subject to a $200 broken contract fee. To contact the office of residence life, call 610-606-4603 or email

Meal Plan

Campus residency requires that all resident students have meal plans. All first year students and new transfer students must purchase the 19 meal plan. After the first year, students have the option of choosing the 19 meal plan, the 190 block meal plan or the 150 block meal plan. Each plan provides students with $50 Dining Dollars per semester.

The 19 meal plan is available to all students and provides students with one meal for each of the 19 meal periods throughout the week. This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Friday and brunch and dinner on the weekends. Each Friday, the plan resets with 19 new meals to be used for the following week. Any meals that are not used within the designated time frame for a meal period are forfeited.

The 190 block meal plan and the 150 block meal plan offer students greater flexibility in how many meals they choose to eat each week. Students begin each semester with 190 or 150 meals and can use them during any meal periods they wish to. More than one meal can be used in a meal period with these options, so students can use these meal plans to pay for guests that accompany them to meals. During the last two weeks of the semester, only four meals can be used in any one meal period.

The dining hall and Falcon’s Nest are closed for the winter break between semesters. During all other breaks there is limited food service available through the Falcon’s Nest, but it is not included in any of the meal plans.

Commuter meal plans are available for students who are not residing on campus in the residence halls. Plans are found on MyCedarCrest and must be purchased prior to the end of the first week of classes.

Students who require accommodations for a disability should contact the Accessibility Coordinator in Academic Services (Curtis Hall 109).