Leadership and Student Development Offices

Lutz Center for Community Service

The Lutz Center for Community Service provides numerous opportunities for students to engage themselves in the greater Lehigh Valley community. As a student run office, under the guidance of the Director for Community Service, the staff provides individuals and groups with an array of volunteer and service-learning projects such as after school tutoring programs, nursing home visits, blood drives, working with animal shelters and restocking at the local food bank. The flexibility in our programs allows all students, clubs, organizations, faculty, staff and college departments, regardless of time commitments and interests, to participate in a variety of service activities. During the spring semester, the center sponsors an Alternative Spring Break program, which provides a unique opportunity to travel while serving others in need.

The Lutz Center for Community Service is also home to Cedar Crest College’s America Reads and Counts Federal Work-study tutoring program. Students who qualify for this program are matched with a local elementary or middle school aged student to help them improve reading and math skills.

In addition, the service component of the college’s ethics requirement is also housed at the Lutz Center for Community Service. The ethics requirement provides students with the opportunity to study the major theories of western ethics and social justice while exploring their own values and beliefs within the context of an individual's responsibility to the community. The course is designed to enhance the process of learning and self-exploration by enabling the students to put into immediate practice the ideas they discuss in the classroom. The course is comprised of two interdependent elements: a classroom component that meets to discuss the theories of ethics, community and social justice and a community partnership placement where students provide a needed service that benefits the community directly. Courses that fulfill this requirement are designated as ETL courses.

Tammy Bean, ext. 3392 or 610-740-3762
Tompkins College Center/Blaney Hall

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Office of Student Activities

The Office of Student Activities (OSA) provides a number of ways for students to develop their leadership skills by becoming involved at Cedar Crest College. Students can join, lead, and create organizations based on social and personal interests that range from political or educational, cultural or spiritual to ones focused on career interests’ including journalism, legal, judicial, or pre-professional.

OSA will serve as a resource to students as they develop the personal and professional skill sets needed to lead in a globally diverse society. There many opportunities for students to develop their personal and professional skills through leadership workshops that are offered regularly throughout the year.

Organizations established under the OSA are wonderful places to meet students with similar interests. There’s something for all our students (traditional, SAGE, & commuter). So, make the most of your college experience and attend events, join a student organization, and help shape campus life!

Dr. Cynthia Fulford, ext. 3762 or 610-740-3762
Executive Director, Women’s Leadership and Student Development
Tompkins College Center, Room 319

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Leadership & Student Development

The Leadership and Student Development Unit, comprised of the offices of Career Planning, the Lutz Center for Community Service, and Student Activities, focuses on supporting student engagement and preparing students to lead in a globally diverse 21st century society. Working collaboratively across campus and in the Greater Lehigh Valley community, the Leadership unit develops co-curricular programs designed to broaden students’ educational and professional experiences through leadership and experiential learning opportunities.

Members of the Leadership unit work with Cedar Crest faculty and staff to provide students with the tools to envision, plan, and achieve their personal and professional life goals. Activities implemented through this unit expose students to opportunities for developing leadership skills including, communication, community and global involvement, critical thinking and decision-making, conflict management, professionalism, and an appreciation for diversity.

Dr. Cynthia Fulford, ext. 3762 or 610-740-3762
Executive Director
Tompkins College Center, Room 319

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