Dining Services

At Cedar Crest College, you will nourish your body, as well as your mind. Cedar Crest’s Dining Services loves food and it shows. We offer two main dining venues on campus - the Cedar Crest Bistro/Coffee Cafe and the Campus Dining Hall - where you can grab a quick bite on the way to class, or settle in for a relaxing respite from your studies. The Cedar Crest philosophy of educating the whole student body, mind and spirit is well employed here. You will find healthier food options alongside traditional fare, so you can make the choice that is right for you. In addition, Dining Services is as interested in sustainability as much you are! That’s why you will find locally grown and produced fruits and vegetables as well as organic fair trade coffee served in the Coffee Cafe. For more information on all the campus sustainability efforts click here.

Mission Statement

(Parkhurst) Dining Services will provide consistent high-quality dining services to the finest educational institutions, corporations, and cultural destinations in its marketing region - dining services designed and developed in a culture that places a premium on culinary excellence and innovation, and guest service that exceeds expectations.

Dining Services will continually nurture its relationships with clients and vendors by treating them as partners, delivering on promises and guaranteeing a highly personalized approach to contract dining services.

Our success will be predicated on recruiting and retaining a highly motivated, diverse, and caring group of associates. Through career planning and training based upon the values of continuous improvement, we are committed to helping our associates achieve their professional and personal goals.

Parkhurst Gold Standards

  • Fresh Vegetables Daily
  • USDA Choice or Above
  • Minimum Five Fresh Fruits Daily
  • No Processed Vegetables on the Salad Bar
  • Hand-breaded Fish
  • Soups Made from Scratch
  • Eggs to Order Daily
  • Pizza Dough Made from Scratch
  • Fresh, Never Frozen Hamburgers
  • Foods Prepared From Scratch Using Real Ingredients
    • Real Mashed Potatoes
    • Real Cheese
    • Real Bacon Bits
    • Real Whole Roasted Turkey – Not “Processed”

Hemisflavors Program

Looking to try something new and exotic? Hemisflavors showcases the varied flavors and culinary techniques of regional cuisines from around the globe. These dishes are created from fresh ingredients using authentic preparation methods. Sample the freshest and finest cuisines, with our experiences chefs as your guide. With a different country featured each week there will always be something new and exciting.

Farm Source Program

Our FarmSource program is an initiative to find and partner with some of the finest local growers and producers. With assistance from organizations like Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) we are able to enhance the freshness and quality of our product offerings without compromising our commitment to food safety… while supporting and strengthening the local agricultural community. We utilize only suppliers and growers who follow the high standards set forth by regulatory agencies like the FDA, the State Department of Agriculture and local health departments.

Dining Services Goes Green

With assistance from organizations like PASA (Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture), Dining Services is helping to support and strengthen the local agricultural community while enhancing the freshness and quality of product offerings by using such local vendors as Sun Coffee Roasters, Pocono Produce, Harrisburg Dairies and Hershey’s Ice Cream we guarantee that at least 20% of our products are locally grown or produced.

  • Coffees brewed in our Coffee Cafe are all organic as well as Fair Trade certified. This guarantees that our coffees are purchased from farms that offer decent working conditions and fair wages to the workers.
  • We use no processed or pre-cut fresh vegetables. Recently there have been outbreaks of food-borne illnesses associated with pre-cut vegetables.
  • We currently offer Greenware, a 100% corn-based packing product for all “to-go” items in our retail operation. We are looking to expand in this area in the near future.
  • We are using the Xpressnap napkins program at all dining locations on campus. This program offers napkin dispensers which help control consumption by dispensing one napkin at a time.
  • We have negotiated a contract with Valley Proteins to pick up and recycle used frying oil to be converted to bio-diesel fuel to enable an individual or business to run their diesel engines on 100% waste vegetable oil.
  • We use 100% non-trans fat frying oil for all our deep-frying needs.
  • We offer foods prepared to order in small batches to help reduce the amount of waste at the end of meal times.
  • We produce our own croutons and bagel chips from leftover product to further help reduce waste.
  • To cut down on paper waste, we encourage the use of reusable coffee mugs in our retail operation by offering coffee refills at a discounted price.
  • Reusable cloth totes are also available for purchase in the Bistro.
  • Reusable “To Go” containers are available for the cost of $ per academic year. Each time a soiled container is returned to Dining Services, a freshly sanitized container is provided for your next use.


While anyone is permitted to hold a fundraiser within the campus community, please remember that Dining Services is always available to provide guidance or answer questions regarding any fundraising concerns you may have. Please feel free to contact us regarding a variety of programs available to make your fundraiser run more smoothly. Reduced pricing for resale, kitchen usage, and student club discounts are just a few of the avenues to explore when planning your next food-related fundraising event. Please see the attached Student Club Kitchen Usage Request Form to place your requests.