Cedar Crest College
Emergency Medical Services

Become a Member of CCEMS!

Any Cedar Crest College student can be a part of the CCEMS team. If you like, you can attend local classes to become a state-certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). If you choose not to become an EMT, you can instead volunteer to assist with duties such as fundraising or organization, and you can play the “victim” for CCEMS drills and training sessions. You can also attend training sessions to gain knowledge of the emergency medical field.

If You Want to Become a PA-Certified EMT

EMT classes are available locally. They are frequently held at the Emergency Medical Institute of the Lehigh Valley. In fall of 2010, the EMT class cost was approximately $250, including texts, and required a total of 165 hours (and about a full semester) to complete.

After you complete the course, you must pass a written exam and a practical exam in order to become certified by the state of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania EMT certifications last 3 years, and they can be renewed with Continuing Education Credits, requiring both trauma and medical classes. In addition, EMT's must have up-to-date certification in CPR/AED for the Health Care Provider.

If You Are EMT Certified in Another State

If you are currently an EMT from out of state please, contact the Eastern PA EMS Council to apply for reciprocity in the state of Pennsylvania. All EMT's from out of state must have PA reciprocity and meet all guidelines and regulations mandated by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and PA EMS Council. Also, you must undergo training and precepting throughout our organization to ensure that you are up to date and knowledgeable of all CCEMS and Pennsylvania Department of Health Protocols and Procedures.

Ride Along with the Cetronia Ambulance Corps!

CCEMS is currently teamed up with Cetronia Ambulance Corps, which serves a great portion of the Lehigh Valley for Emergent and Non-Emergent medical transports. Ride alongs are available to all CCEMS members whenever requested. As a ride along, you will be placed on the primary 911 ambulance and respond with the crew to 911 emergencies. You will not be permitted to perform any patient care that you are not qualified to do; however, observing is a great way to get experience and learn more about the field of Emergency Medicine.

For more information, please contact us at: Ccems@cedarcrest.edu