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Look for the Senior Class Gift table at Senior Surprise!

What is the Senior Class Gift Program?

The Senior Class Gift is one of Cedar Crest’s longest running traditions.  Examples are the South Gate by Cedar Crest Boulevard (Class of 1922), the Student Activities Lounge in the TCC (Class of 2003), or one of the myriad other legacies left by classes of Cedar Crest graduates.  Each gift is a symbol of appreciation from each graduating class for the education they have received at Cedar Crest and their commitment to the College’s future.  

Why is my participation important?

Each individual’s financial donation to her Class Gift makes a difference. Your gift shows your pride in your class, your college – and yourself as an alumna.   By contributing to the Class of 2008 Senior Class Gift you help your class leave a physical legacy at Cedar Crest.

Your support matters!  This is the Class of 2008’s first opportunity to say as a class that you believe in Cedar Crest – and what a Cedar Crest education represents to you.

What is our goal?

The Class of 2008 has set a goal of $3000. 

What is our timeline?

You need to let us know how much you wish to give by June 30, 2008.  (This year.)  You can make your gift now or pledge to make it later.  Payment must be received no later than June 30, 2009 (next year) in order to count. 

How much should I give?

In honor of the fantastic Class of 2008, many members of the class are giving an amount containing the numbers 2 0 0 8.  Whether that’s a gift of $200.08, $100.08 or $20.08 is up to you.  So is how you give it.  You can make your gift all at once or pick an amount to pay monthly.  $20.08 a month is less than most of us will pay for cell phone service or morning coffee.  Your gift to our Class Gift in that amount will help assure that we can make our gift to the College a reality.

If you haven’t clicked yet to make your gift or pledge, here’s another chance!


Please contact Leni Johnson '08 or Lyndsey Brown, Director of Development

2008 Participants - as of 5/9/08

Ms. Joanne S. Abdouche
Ms. Brianna Adam
Ms. Liza Alvarado
Ms. Rebecca Anewalt
Ms. Victoria Argueta
Ms. Tracy L. Arnold
Ms. Emmalisa Arrindell
Ms. Valerie Baloga
Ms. Debra Berezansky
Mr. Stephen Borda
Ms. Imani Bowers
Ms. Phyllis D. Boyer
Ms. Nadine Brosnan
Ms. Kaci Buckett
Ms. Allison Capik
Ms. Krystina Cassidy
Ms. Sara Centrelli
Ms. Nelle Cherry
Ms. Margaret Christie
Ms. Melanie Christopher
Mrs. Kristi Clark
Mr. Maynard L. Cressman
Ms. Nicole M. Cribari
Mrs. Kyle Suzanne Crimi
Ms. Ashanti Davenport
Ms. Kimberly De Haas
Ms. Jeanette Dennis
Ms. Melanie Devlin
Ms. Jessica Dominiczak
Ms. Carissa Ann Famularo
Ms. Victoria Fink
Ms. Mikala Funk
Ms. Lori Gallagher
Ms. Jodi Gerhart
Ms. Heidi Joy Gioia
Ms. Samantha Gonyea
Ms. Deborah L. Green
Ms. Nicole Gregory

Ms. Noelle Grube
Ms. Christa Hagan
Ms. Linda Hahn
Ms. Ashley C. Hall
Mrs. Leighanne Hartman
Ms. Lauren Hetrick
Ms. Karyn R. Hierl
Ms. Danielle Holland
Ms. Tiffany Huff
Ms. Alexandria Ianovale
Ms. Marra “Leni” Johnson
Ms. Lori Jones
Ms. Michelle Kern
Mrs. Susan J. Kittle
Ms. Dana Kraeutler
Ms. Susan Emrich Kramer
Ms. Shabnam Kumar
Ms. Jennifer Lee Kumetz
Mrs. Pamela R. Lagler
Ms. Christine Lech
Ms. Kim Maniscalco
Ms. Jennie E. Marin
Ms. Kimberly Martin
Ms. Brittany McMurren
Ms. Kimberly Mecir
Ms. Christina Mulligan
Ms. Angelica M. Nagle
Mrs. Nancy Nazario
Ms. Heather New
Ms. Cara Nicholl
Ms. Monica Olivera
Ms. Grace Olson
Ms. Amanda Oswald
Ms. Kristian Parchinski
Ms. Nicole Parker
Ms. Sarah Parker
Ms. Carolyn Pavone
Ms. Renita Polk

Ms. Melissa Ponzio
Ms. Chelsea Reed
Ms. Jennifer Resling
Ms. Ashley Rodriguez
Ms. Abby Rutch
Ms. Lauren Sanders
Ms. Lauren Sandt
Ms. Melissa Santana
Ms. Kirsten E. Schoener
Ms. Carol A. Shannon
Ms. Adina Smith
Ms. Melanie Smith
Mr. Michael Smith
Ms. Ellen M. Sommers
Ms. Moira Stanley
Ms. Megan Stauffer
Ms. Della M. Steward
Ms. Athena Marie Strobl
Ms. Sandra F. Sutowski
Ms. Amanda Sweeney
Mrs. Sarah E. Taylor
Ms. Amy Teodecki
Ms. Breanna Thime
Ms. Chelsea Toth
Mrs. Heidi Unterberg
Ms. Erika Ventura
Ms. Rachel Vereneck
Ms. Lydia M. Weaver
Ms. Megel Wechsler
Ms. Melissa A. Weiss
Ms. Jean Welch
Ms. Aubree Welsh
Ms. Jennifer Wentworth
Ms. Heather Wert
Ms. Jennifer M. Williams
Ms. Julianne Winters
Ms. Melinda Yoder
Ms. Alicia J. Zehner