“There has never been a more important moment to be dedicated to and engaged in women’s education and in connecting our students to the world beyond our gates.”

Carmen Twillie Ambar
Cedar Crest College

About Cedar Crest College

Cedar Crest StudentsFor each of the 142 years since its founding, Cedar Crest College has taken a bold approach to education - creating a college and a curriculum designed for women who want to achieve at the highest levels! Recognizing the multi-dimensional nature of students, Cedar Crest College is dedicated to the education of the next generation of women leaders by preparing the whole student for life in the global community.

Cedar Crest also provides a wealth of opportunity for non-traditional and graduate students. Our co-educational Lifelong Learning and graduate programs demonstrate our commitment to education at all levels.

At Cedar Crest you will become a leader for life. Once you are here you will understand what others before you mean when they say at Cedar Crest you will “Learn More, Achieve More, Be More!”