“There has never been a more important moment to be dedicated to and engaged in women’s education and in connecting our students to the world beyond our gates.”

Carmen Twillie Ambar
Cedar Crest College

Cedar Crest College
2009-2010 Board of Trustees


Susan Everitt Hudgins '64, Chair
Linda Weimer '68, Vice Chair of the Board
Dr. Alice Anne Miller, Vice Chair
Karen Long Wagner '83, Vice Chair
Phyllis Caponetti Meyer '64, Vice Chair for Advancement
Dr. Gordon Boronow, Vice Chair at Large
Carmen Twillie Ambar, President


Roxanne Amico
Caitlin Billow '11
Mary Beth Boggie Birchby '69
Terry Capuano
Sylvia Betz Gardner '71
Phyllis Grube
David M. Jaindl
Jane Isaacs Lowe '71
Lynn C. Minella
Lisa J. Scheller
Ruth R. Spira
Amelia M. Wagner, Esq. '78
Dr. Blenda J. Wilson '62
Linda Oleksiak Zembron '74

Life Trustees

Dr. David Finn
Edward L. Jones, Jr., Esq.
Dr. Alice Anne Miller
Dr. Roland L. Sigal
Dr. Charles D. Snelling
Dr. Anne O. Winkler '51