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Classrooms with Technology - Miller Building

To reserve any classroom, please call the Registrar's Office at extension 3765.


Miller 20 Audio Visual Classroom

This classroom is located in the Miller Building and seats 23. The room is equipped with 3M 8030 data projector, VCR, and computer. You can project a computer image with a maximum resolution of 640 x 480. Video, cable, or satellite images may also be projected in this room.



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Miller 33 Audio Visual Classroom

This multimedia auditorium which seats 80 people is located in the Miller Building. This room is equipped with a Barco rear projection system and stereo sound. The instructor is able to project video, laser disc, and computer images from the instructor's podium. Slides may be projected through the two slide projectors mounted in the projection booth using a cordless remote. Opaque and transparent images may be projected using the visual presenter. This classroom also has a compact disc and cassette player installed in the podium.

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