Krystina Bailey

IT Position: Helpdesk Consultant
Graduation Year: 2011
Major: Social Work
Current Placement:  Social Worker/Discharge Planner at Sacred Heart Hospital

Working at the Helpdesk in the I.T. Department helped me immensely with my communication skills with fellow colleagues as well as patients at the hospital. In addition, the job helped greatly with my problem solving skills, which are essential to my job, and also helped me with prioritizing and organizing my schedule for the day. However, not only did this job help me become the hard worker I am now, but it was also a very good job to have listed on my resume. My department now refers to myself if they have a small glitch with their computer system. It saves them a call to our I.T. Department in the hospital and allows them to know that I am useful to the department in more ways than one. All in all, the 4 years I spent with I.T. were well worth the while. Not only did I learn a great deal, but I made quite a few connections with many staff members on campus who have written great referrals for me since then.