Cara Goss

IT Position: Helpdesk Consultant
Graduation Year: 2009
Major:  Psychology
Current Placement:  Child Care Worker at the Masonic Children's Home and MSW student at Shippensburg University

Working at I.T. really boosted my confidence. When I started as a Freshman, hearing the phone ring or being approached by faculty or students with questions was absolutely terrifying! As I became comfortable in the Helpdesk position and my confidence grew, it translated to other areas of my life, leading me to become an RA and president of a campus club. It's also a great experience when your professor thanks you for helping them out the other day with that "computer thing" they were having issues with.

I'm not a computer whiz by any means, but at my internship and work I can do some minor troubleshooting which has saved my supervisors and I.T. teams time, energy, and patience. I can solve a lot of the minor problems or at least give an informed description of what is wrong and what I have already done in an attempt to solve the issue.

Working for I.T. provides useful information to anyone who uses a computer (which is every college student... including YOU!) and makes you an asset to any professional team. Who doesn't want an advantage when applying for a job? It looks great on a resume!