Christine Hickey

IT Position: Tech Consultant
Graduation Year: 2010
Major: Computer Information Systems Major, Minor in Religious Studies
Current Placement:  Web Programmer, Cedar Crest College

Working for IT was the best on-campus job for both schooling, and my future career. Initially I started at a Lab Consultant when I was a declared Biology major, a job that was both simple and easy to pick up in tasks and needs, but also very important to the college community in making sure that the computer labs are stocked, updated, and running efficiently. It helped expand my knowledge of working on Windows computer (Because I was primarily the Mac Girl), but also really helped me learn how to work efficiently without supervision or need to be told of my tasks. This was a very useful skill on my resume while looking for jobs post-graduation. But one of the best things that came out of working in IT is it showed me a love for computers and computer programming. After pondering dropping out of college due to my low grades in the sciences, I decided to follow the skills I had learned in IT to become a CIS major. I used the skills I learned in my class in order to help my job, and was seen for my skills and moved to becoming a Technical Consultant to repair computers and fix software issues. After that, I was a five time Dean’s List recipient, and now work as a Web Programmer post-college.

All in all, it was the best job I could have had as a non-computer major, and helped build my foundations in computer knowledge and programming and lead me to the knowledge I needed to build my future.