Tina Yauger

IT Position: Lab and Lead Consultant
Graduation Year: 2009
Major:  Biochemistry
Current Placement:  programmer/analyst for the LabWare LIMS system

I can say that working at IT at CCC has greatly helped my career in that it gave me a technological background and made me more marketable when trying to find employment.  I began working 2 days after graduating.  I no longer perform ‘lab duties’ with my degree, but am now a programmer/analyst for the LabWare LIMS system as a consultant for a company called LabAnswer. The science background is greatly beneficial for my career as I can understand how the test is performed and can translate that into LIMS.  I monitor the database, configure tests and program the system as needed per client – everywhere from pharmaceutical companies to tobacco companies. I have configured LIMS for Sanofi Pasteur, Novartis and now Altria (part of Phillip Morris).  I was lucky enough to fall into the LIMS career and love what I do.