Information Technology


About the Program

Information Technology aims to give its student consultants, while receiving an academic education, the skills and professional manners that will make them valuable to future employers. Student Consultants are given the opportunity to make valuable contributions to the Cedar Crest community by helping their fellow students as well as faculty and staff with their technology needs.

The Benefits of Joining our Team

Becoming a Student Consultant offers you the chance to:

Obtain professional training and hands on experience while earning money.

Several of our positions are entry level, and are designed to help students with little to no work experience learn real-life work skills along with technology training.

Expand your skills outside of your major

You do not need to be a computer major to become a computer technician. We provide the training; you provide the enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Technology is invaluable no matter where your career path takes you.

Build a better resume

When you graduate, you'll be competing with many others with your same degree and grade point average. Being tech savvy can help you stand out above the rest, and get your foot in the door.

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Alumnae Students' Feedback about the Program

Don't believe working for IT will help you after graduation?

Read what our Alumnae Consultants have to say:

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Who Can Apply

  • Students must be enrolled full-time for the semester they are working (exceptions for Winter and Summer break work)
  • Both Federal Work Study and general Campus Employment students are eligible to apply.
  • Though all students are welcome to apply, we do look for students who can provide at least 4 semesters of work as we invest a lot of time and resources into training our students.
  • Traditional, SAGE, Graduate, resident or commuter; all are welcome and encouraged to apply!

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The Application Process

  1. Our department begins interviewing students in the spring semester for the following fall semester. We will do some hiring over winter to cover any turnovers that occur at the end of the fall semester.
  2. An email will be sent to the entire campus when we begin the hiring process.
  3. To apply, login to My CedarCrest and click on the Current Students Tab.
  4. Click on the Student Financial Services page in the left column. You'll find information on the page for Campus Employment or Federal Work Study, depending on your status, including an application link.
  5. After you submit an application, you will receive an email from Information Technology with a pre-interview questionnaire. Our department will look over your answers and determine if an interview should be scheduled.
  6. New hires will sign their contract for the fall semester before they leave for summer break. This guarantees their position when they return.
  7. All new hires are required to return to campus for training the Friday-Sunday before classes begin. Resident students will be given permission to move in as early as Thursday. Some meals and meal compensation will be provided during training.

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