Information Technology

Help Desk Service Level Agreement (SLA)


Technology support services are provided through the Department of Information Technology Help Desk.  This support unit is committed to delivering quality customer service and technical solutions in support of campus wide technology.  To ensure the best possible support, the Help Desk provides the CCC community with this Service Level Agreement outlining specific services, priorities, and responsibilities related to the support of technology.  This service level agreement is subject to modifications in response to changes in technology services and support needs.


Help Desk services are provided, but not limited to, the following areas:

Data Network/Infrastructure

Printer Installation/Maintenance

Database Management

Network Logins and Passwords

Desktop Hardware/Software

Remote Access

Email Accounts and Access


Hardware/Software Installation

AV & Smart Classrooms

Hardware/Software Inventory

Cedar Crest Online

Internet Access

My Cedar Crest

Network Storage


Limited support for campus wireless connectivity and email configuration is available by appointment only for portable smart devices, such as iPads and phones. Smart phone configuration/troubleshooting: see user configuration support provided on IT tab in My Cedar Crest. 


Help Desk services are available during the following hours of operation, except when the college is closed due to holidays, administrative closings, or inclement weather.

Help Desk Phone Support

Monday-Friday 8:30am - 8:00pm
Saturday-Sunday 9:00am - 5:00pm

Help Desk Walk-In Support
Cressman Library Main Level

Monday-Thursday 8:30am - 8:00pm
Friday 8:30am-5:00pm
Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm-5:00pm

Contact Information

To report problems or request services for technology support:

Phone:   On campus ext. 3348
Off campus 610-606-4635



  • Report all computer problems to the Help Desk.
  • Be available to communicate with an IT technician if required.
  • Contact the Help Desk before making any changes to your system hardware or software.
  • Notify the Help Desk in advance of any pre-determined required assistance.
  • Maintain regular backups of any data stored locally (C drives).
  • Keep yourself informed of all planned network, hardware, and software changes.
  • Take responsibility for educating yourself on a continuing basis about basic computer-related skills.
  • Maintain current Microsoft updates


The Help desk will make every effort to resolve issues at the time of the service call.  This will be the initial method for resolving issues before assigning a priority level.  Help Desk staff will log and assign priorities for all requests not resolved at the time of the call, based on specific definitions.  Requests will be handled according to the priority assigned to them.   

  • Urgent:  Emergency situations where no work can be accomplished
  • Serious:  Needs that require prompt, but not immediate, attention.
  • Moderate: When daily tasks are not impaired but attention is needed.
  • Low: Non-crisis, general needs and non-supported requests.
  • Installation:  All hardware and software installation, regardless of urgency. 


Help Desk staff will ask the following questions to determine the severity of an issue deemed urgent or serious:

  • Is this a recurring problem?
  • Is only one person affected or are others in the immediate area or department also affected?
  • How critical is the problem to the immediate activities to be performed?
  • Is there a work around that can be implemented temporarily?
  • Are external customers involved?


In an effort to provide the best service possible, the Help Desk strives to: 

  • Initiate immediate attention to mission critical problems 100% of the time upon receipt by the Help Desk.  These are assigned as urgent issues.
  • While a problem may take some time to solve, issues given top priority and any information provided from the Help Desk or IT Support Staff as to the problem status is relayed to the user community as soon as possible.
  • Solve 98% of password reset calls on first contact. This includes those for the network, email, My Cedar Crest, and eCollege. 
  • Answer 90% of the calls on the first 4 rings.
  • Respond to email or voicemail left during manned shift within 2 hours.
  • Respond to email left during unmanned hours within the first 2 hours of the next shift.
  • Respond to voicemail left during unmanned hours during the best contact time as indicated by the caller or within the first 2 hours of the next shift.


The Help Desk will provide support for standardized, campus-wide hardware and software. 

  • To ensure software license compliance, the Help Desk cannot install any software without proof of purchase or a copy of the license agreement.
  • IT will not install or support any hardware that is not college-owned.


Help Desk staff may determine the best way to understand or solve a problem may be through Remote Access tools (Proxy). These tools expedite the resolution of a call by accessing the desktop remotely. The caller will be informed about what is to happen, as they temporarily relinquish control of the machine. 

Help Desk staff are not permitted to work on home computers, install software, or provide instructions to users on how to fix computer problems.  They may only recommend possible software solutions that may resolve a problem, but it is ultimately the user’s decision whether to try the solution.

Service standards do not apply to requests placed with support staff, other than the Help Desk, through direct conversations, e-mail, or voice-mail. The Help Desk cannot be held accountable for initiating work orders or solving problems when they have not been notified directly of the problem by the individual seeking help. 

The Help Desk will communicate information regarding system operation interruptions, both planned and unplanned, to the college community through the best means available in a particular situation. These means include network messages, e-mail, CCC website, My Cedar Crest and/or the eCollege site. In the rare occasion that the internal network should be down, Help Desk technicians will attempt to call departments to disseminate that information if it is anticipated the outage will last longer than just a few minutes. Every attempt will be made to provide prior notice to users if the outage is planned. 

Requests for setting up or terminating employee accounts must be made through notification by the Human Resources Department.