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Virus Protection Policy For Non-Cedar Crest Owned Computers

This document outlines the position of Cedar Crest College Office of Information Technology on computer virus protection for resident college students on personally/non-Cedar Crest owned computers.

Our position is broken down into three sections:

  • Responsibilities of Cedar Crest College Information Technology
  • Responsibilities of Cedar Crest College Students
  • Failure to Protect

Virus protection software within a networked environment provides individuals with computing safety and security. With the increased frequency and sophistication of computer viruses, computer users must engage in safe computing practices. Our position is in keeping with the agreement of responsible computing summarized in the Cedar Crest College Computer Use Policy.

1. Responsibilities of Information Technology

IT will follow good faith industry practices regarding computer virus protection of network computing resources, but does not guarantee 100% protection.

1.1 Initial Point of Contact

The IT Help Desk will serve as the initial point of contact for all questions regarding computer virus protection at Cedar Crest College.

1.2 Help Desk

The IT Help Desk will provide basic virus protection software assistance. If problems occur that are beyond the scope of support for the Help Desk, we will recommend a higher level of technical assistance from a 2nd level support IT staff member or the software vendor.

1.3 Publicity

The announcement of particularly threatening computer viruses will be publicized via the following media:

  • Electronic Mail
  • IT Web Site

2. Responsibilities of Cedar Crest College Students

Students of Cedar Crest College are expected to protect personally/non-Cedar Crest owned computers and the Cedar Crest College network by purchasing, installing and updating virus protection software.

It will be an individual’s responsibility to initiate and follow-through with the purchase and installation process of virus protection software. Copies of Symantec Anti Virus software are available at no charge to all registered students. It will also be an individual’s responsibility to maintain the effectiveness of the software via timely software and virus protection definition upgrades, updates and/or patches.

3. Failure to Protect

If a determination has been made by the IT Dept. that an individual’s computer is infecting and continues to re-infect the Cedar Crest College network with a computer virus or excessive network traffic affecting the campus available bandwidth, network access from the infected computer may be suspended until the computer is certified to be free of computer viruses. The individual’s network account will still be active, and an individual’s computing access at Cedar Crest College will still be available through the public computing labs.

Once a determination has been made by IT that an individual’s computer is free of computer viruses, virus protection software is active, and virus protection definition files are up-to-date, network connectivity will be reestablished.

If you have questions, contact the Help Desk for assistance at ext. 3348.

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