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Print Quota System in Campus Labs

The Information Services and Technology Committee, with discussions with Student Government Association (SGA), the Finance Office, the Provost, and the President, are instituting a new Print Quota system for all computer labs beginning in the Fall 2010 semester.

  • Quota for all students will be the equivalent of 800 black and white, single-sided pages per academic year.
  • You can check your current quota at any time at http://cccprint3:9191/user
  • If you have less than 100 pages remaining in your quota, you can purchase a print card at the Bookstore or the Library.

Some background information on the Print Quota Initiative

While Cedar Crest students have had the privilege of free and unrestricted printing in public computer labs and the library for many years, the past several years have seen a steady increase in printing volume and waste.  In addition to the rise in costs, an overall decline in user satisfaction in computer lab printing has been apparent. Students frequently complain of long waits, jammed equipment, and paper waste.

A quick search on the Internet and discussions with other colleges will show Cedar Crest’s experience is not unique.  Many colleges and universities have experienced similar printing volume and cost increases. Information Technology studied public printing models at Kutztown University, Moravian College, Northampton Community College, Columbia University, Ohio Dominican University, NC State University, and other smaller schools similar to Cedar Crest.  The solution at most colleges and universities has been to implement a printing control system to prevent abuse, reduce waste, and meet expectations for more reliable printing.

Research of students’ paper usage during the 2009-2010 academic year has revealed the following:

  • 80% of students printed less than 800 pages
  • 52% of students printed less than 300 pages
  • Less than 15% of students printed 1000+ pages
  • The average per student during fall and spring semesters was under 250 pages per semester.

Major reasons for the new system

Environmental – Considerably reduces paper usage.  Studies from other universities have up to 40% of pages printed are unclaimed. At Cedar Crest 40% of pages printed is just over 336,000 pages. A reduction of 40% pages per year saves:

  • 165 trees annually
  • 988 lbs CO2 annually from manufacturing process
  • 3,733 gallons of water annually from manufacturing process
  • 1,465 kilowatt hours of electricity annually from manufacturing process
  • 553 cubic feet of landfill annually

Economics – with printing volume increasing 4%-5% each year it was no longer economically viable for the college to continue absorbing the increased costs.

Fairness – Avoids many students subsidizing the costs for a few students who print in large volumes.  In a recent semester, about 15% (248) of the students using the computer labs created almost 50% of the prints (418,815 pages) in the computer labs. This should also reduce the chance of long lines forming while a student prints an extremely large document and greatly increase the reliability of the printers in the labs as the volume is decreased.