Cedar Crest College Facilities Department

Maintenance, Grounds, Custodial


Cedar Crest College’s Facilities Department is responsible for maintaining and repairing the facilities on campus as follows:

  • Supply labor and paint for rooms requiring update.
  • Supply adequate lighting and replacement bulbs.
  • Supply adequate heat, A/C.
  • Maintain all electrical and plumbing systems in safe working order.
  • Responsible for locks, keys, door repairs.
  • Responsible to repair / replace normal wear and tear to buildings, furniture, desks, chairs, blackboards, whiteboards, carpeting,  etc.
  • Custodial services
  • Grounds services

Any requests for maintenance / repairs should be reported to the Facilities Department via the on-line work order system.

Work Order Form


The following types of expenditures are above and beyond routine maintenance outlined above:

  • Items for upgrades to offices (including additional furniture, file cabinets, shelving, etc.)*
  • Specialized classroom needs (includes such items as shelving units, plexi-glass, cabinets, counter tops, cork boards, homasote, file cabinets, etc.)

Any projects requiring more than routine maintenance should be submitted by the Department Chair to Joe Hartner, Director of Facilities via email or campus mail on the Facilities Project Request/ Estimate Form.   The Facilities Department will review all requests to determine which budget(s) will be affected, including project time and cost estimates, and will confirm with the requesting department in writing.  Project costs mentioned above should be included in the budget for by the requesting department  during the annual budget request cycle.  Please allow adequate time for Facilities to assess the facilities improvement projects in time for November budget preparation. 

Estimate Request Form

If you have any questions, please contact the Facilities Department at ext. 3450.
*NOTE:  Expenses for furniture changes for personal preferences are the responsibility of the requesting department (i.e. desks and chairs in good working condition will not be replaced by Facilities)