English as a Second Language
Certification Program

To teach English as a second language in Pennsylvania, and many other states, you are now required to have an ESL certificate. Cedar Crest College's ESL Teacher certification is a focused 12-credit program fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

  • You will study the relationship between cultures and effective teaching strategies for all students. 
  • Cognitive stages of language development, basic linguistics, and the structure of English will be introduced as you develop competency in the integration of TESOL and PDE standards.
  • You will understand what impact of being a non-native English speaker has on the learning process and socialization in the classroom.
  • An emphasis is placed on the teacher's respect and appreciation for culture and language.
  • Goals will be achieved through class lecture, discussion, research, presentations, and practical application projects.

EDU 555: Developing Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity
Fall 2010

EDU 556: Second Language Acquisition and Language Development
Spring 2011

EDU 558: Approaches to Educating ELL’s
Summer 2010

EDU 559: Curriculum, Assessment, and Instructional Strategies for Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students in the K-12 Classroom
Fall 2010