Graduate Programs: Overview

Here at Cedar Crest College, we believe in making the world a better place. We believe that our actions affect our communities not only locally, but globally. That is why the graduate programs here at Cedar Crest College focus on careers that hold the greatest potential for promoting a positive future—a world of knowledge, health, and justice.

Your graduate studies here will help you develop expertise in your chosen field—as well as the social intelligence and moral character you will need to succeed in the coming years. In short, our graduate programs will prepare you to seize the unique opportunities that the 21st century will present.

Master of Education
The Master of Education at Cedar Crest College is designed to prepare prospective and practicing teachers for the challenges of the 21st century classroom.
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Master of Science in Nursing
The Cedar Crest Master of Science in Nursing Program is designed to accommodate the schedule of today’s nursing professional.
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Master of Science in Forensic Science

The Master of Science program in Forensic Science brings together several key faculty from Cedar Crest College who have more than 50 years experience in the field, classroom and laboratory.
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Life as a CCC Grad Student
Wondering what it’s like to be working towards your master’s degree? Check out these blogs from two Cedar Crest grad students in the Forensic Science program!