Faculty Publications

(June 2010 to present)

Elizabeth Meade, Ph.D., has written a chapter of a recently published book titled, The Ethics of the Family, published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Her chapter is titled, “Choice’s Challenge: Feminist Ethics and Reproductive Autonomy.”

Carolyn Segal’s poems, “The Island Postmaster’s Daughter” and “Vanishing Point,” appeared in the Summer 2010 issue of 2River View, at 2river.org. Her paper ,”In a Dystopian Garden: Tropes of Flowers and Transcendence in Margaret Atwood’s ‘Handmaid’s Tale,’” has been accepted for presentation in at the School of Visual Arts’ 24th Annual National Conference on Liberal Arts and the Education of Artists in October. This year’s conference topic is “Romancing Nature Again.” Her most recent essay for the Chronicle of Higher Education, “Academe’s Creaky Foundation,” appeared in the June 6 issue.

Two research articles by Lawrence T. Sein, Jr., Ph.D., will appear in the print versions of two journals (the Journal of Chemical Education, and the Journal of Molecular Structure) in August. These include: Sein, L. T. “Dynamic Paper Constructions for Easier Visualization of Molecular Symmetry,” J.Chem. Ed. 2010, 87(8) 827-828; and Sein, L.T.; Lashua, A.F. “DFT and experimental study of N,N’-bis(3’-carboxy,4’-aminophenyl)-1,4-quinonediimine, a carboxyl substituted aniline trimer ,” J. Mol.Struct. 2010, 977, 220-229. The second paper features Amanda F. Lashua (chemistry ’08) as co-author for work she accomplished as an undergraduate research student at Cedar Crest. She is now pursuing a Ph.D. in organic chemistry at Syracuse University on a full assistantship.

Carolyn Segal’s essay, “My Diet, C’est Moi,” appeared in an August issue of Amy Ephron’s online food magazine, One for the Table, at oneforthetable.com.

Carolyn Segal’s essay, “Cooking with Mad Men,” appears online at One for the Table and The Huffington Post.