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Relying upon the foundation of the liberal arts, Cedar Crest College and its outstanding  faculty have always been at the forefront of educating women to meet national needs as well as preparing them for all aspects of life—intellectual, work, family, personal and community. Through a shared commitment to the liberal arts, students are engaged in learning to think, write, explore ideas, question, and become leaders in their fields.

The faculty of Cedar Crest College (90 full-time, 8 part-time and 61 adjunct) not only teach, but serve as mentors and role models for students during their study at the College -- and often times -- beyond. The faculty are committed to creating a cohesive community of scholars and students where many opportunities exist for independent learning, individual exploration and personal growth.

They are also tops in their field with 73% possessing a Ph.D. or appropriate terminal degree. Members of the Cedar Crest faculty continue to distinguish themselves in their academic areas by conducting research, publishing papers and making presentations at conferences and symposiums around the country and around the globe.

Discover more about the recent achievements of the Cedar Crest faculty by clicking on one of the links. For a more in-depth look at one of our faculty members, choose one of the profiles on the left (excerpted from one of our recent Cedar Crest College EXCHANGE magazines).



Last Updated: 4/23/09

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