Parent and Family Programs

We're excited that your daughter is considering, or currently attending Cedar Crest College, the college for women who want to reach their highest potential! At Cedar Crest, we believe that parents and families play a vital role in every student's education.

How do we define "family" at Cedar Crest? If you are a mom, dad, grandparent, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, guardian, or mentor who cares passionatly about a Cedar Crest student, you are also an important member of the Cedar Crest community! We enthusically wecome your involvement, engagement, energy, and support.

Cedar Crest College's Parent and Family Program, in collaboration with other offices on campus, serves as a resource for families. This is a time for your student to take on more responsibility, claim responsibility for their educational journey, and strive for personal growth! It is our goal to recognize and support parents and families as an intergral part of our community, so that they can fully support their student during this time of growth and exploration.

In this section, we have provided access to information for family members of Cedar Crest students, along with links and ways to contact us if you need additional information and resources. Feel free to explore these pages and become more connect to the Cedar Crest Community.

Our Mission

The mission of Cedar Crest College Parent and Family programs is to provide activities, programs and services designed to enhance student learning and support student retention by meeting the educational, informational, and involvement needs of their parents and families, and to support the mission of the College, which centers on educating the next generation of women leaders. The mission of parent and family programs is to facilitate strong communication between parents and the College; develop and nurture meaningful, lasting relationships between parents and the institution; and sponsor programs and services that will engage parents in the life of the College and actively inform them about the College's mission.

Our Vision

Parent and Family Programs works collaboratively with the campus to offer exemplary parent support, programs, and services for all Cedar Crest College parents and families so that parents and families will support the mission and vision of the College. The office supports the parent and family executive council in achieving its mission, toward the end that parents will enthusiastically and passionately become supportive, engaged and involved in many aspects of the institution, enhancing the institution’s reputation for excellence and helping produce the next generation of women leaders.


Contact information:
Office of Student Affairs
Allen House
Cedar Crest College
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(610) 606-4603