Testimonials for Cedar Crest Parents and Families

David and Christina Perrone with their daughter Kelli

As I sit at the 2010 Commencement Ceremony waiting for it to begin, I look around to many familiar faces. I look across and see my daughters face lit up with anticipation and happiness for her friends who are graduating; I reflect on all the memories and experiences as a Cedar Crest Parent.

The first time my husband and I stepped onto this campus a wave of anticipation surrounded us. We wondered what was going to happen. Our daughter was the first in the family to have the opportunity to go to college. We came for open house and as we walked into the TCC building we were greeted with smiles and acknowledgement of who we were - the same for our daughter. Right away we felt welcomed. As we toured the campus many things that we wanted for our daughter appeared. We went to a question and answer session. Iíll never forget the five young women who sat on the stage. They were so positive, independent strong women who were ready to face the world. My husband and I looked at each other and both of us knew this is where we wanted our daughter to go. There were so many opportunities and we wanted her to experience everything possible and we knew that Cedar Crest was capable of making that happen.

Cedar Crest made the transition to college a very wonderful experience. Our daughterís professors were very supportive; they gave her encouragement and supported her as she strived for excellence. She made many friends from all over the country and world. We were very fortunate to get to know most of these women. They came for holidays if they were far away from home; others came just to visit.

As we watched these women for the last four years we witnessed them grow into strong minded, independent wonderful caring, fine young women ready to conquer the world, just like those five young women on that stage the very first time during our first Open House.

My daughter will graduate next year, in 2011. Seeing again what kind of women this college has produced, through hard work, academic enrichment and leadership opportunities, all who are involved, including their parents, celebrate their success. We are so glad to be part of this wonderful college who helped mold our daughter not just in academics but also in character, preparing her for the world and future success. We know we made the right decision.

I thank everyone involved and glad of the experience of being a Cedar Crest parent.


David and Christina Perrone
Cedar Crest College Parents
Class of 2011