Pitch: A Journal of Arts and Literature, Volume One

Editorial Board 2010-2011

Senior Editor: Lindsey Jancay ‘12

Katey M. Dauble ‘11
LuAnn McCracken Fletcher
Casey McDonough
Linda Misiura ‘07
Brenna O’Keefe ‘03
Elizabeth Ortiz
Amy Palmisano ‘12
Carol Ann Pulham
Carolyn Foster Segal
Victoria Snyder ‘12
Monique Trauger ‘12


Pitch: A Journal of Arts and Literature welcomes submissions of original creative work by current Cedar Crest College students in the categories of fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, photography, art and digital art, video production, and other new media creative works. All works are reviewed by members of the editorial board.

Submissions may be submitted via the Submit link. All submissions are reviewed on a rolling basis and, if accepted, will be published on a schedule set by the editorial board. The copyright for published work remains with the author.

Cedar Crest College is committed to the concept of free expression of ideas in accordance with the Cedar Crest College Honor Code. As a recognized student publication of Cedar Crest College, Pitch is a forum of free expression and participant in the uninhibited, open presentation of ideas. Content will reflect areas of student interest, including ideas and presentation formats that may arouse controversy. The administrators of Cedar Crest College entrust Cedar Crest College student authors and artists with the right to submit and responsibility to select the content of current and forthcoming publications without prior restraint from College administrators.