by Rose Marsh

I often want to take humanity's hand

and lead it

like a child to some place better.

But I am a child myself

and no one is holding my hands.

I have no eyes

and I'm lost in the woods that

were once my home.


Find me.


I'm walking under pine trees. I smell

them and the sap sticks to my bare toes.

The animals hide from me.

I only hear my feet in the leaves.


Where are the hands to lead me out?

Is there somewhere to be led?

I'm alone and forsaken,

my own lack of faith condemning me.


I sit down, bruised, and with my hands outstretched.

I don't believe

but prove me wrong.

I'd wait forever to be made wrong.


My arms are tired. My hands are sore.

I won't put them down.


Make me wrong.

Find me.

Save me.

Lead me out.

I am only a child after all.