Volume Two


by Stephanie Augustine

Life is like butterflight;

we never know where it may wander…

Perhaps to a patch of flowers

or to a wall of thorns.

But try, try again,

life’s too short to despair.


Even if all is dark, do not despair.

Life is as unpredictable as butterflight

we may double back now and again,

as our spirit urges us to wander.

Sometimes we see thorns,

but it will also lead to flowers


Whenever we stop at the flowers,

worries, fears, terror, and despair

melt away---vanishing thorns.

Laugh at life’s erratic butterflight

in it’s carefree way, it wanders

flowers to thorns, flowers again.


We cannot begin anew again,

if we lose our way to flowers,

but whenever we wander

off course, we must not despair.

Remember the way of butterflight,

and we can avoid the thorns


Faced with impenetrable thorns

uncertainty and darkness all over again.

But don’t cry, life is like butterflight;

the thorns may turn to flowers

if we close our eyes and not despair,

we never know where we can wander.


No straight line exists, everything must wander

and everyone is faced with thorns.

But if we all give in to despair,

curled up and refused to hope again,

we would never smell the flowers.

We must follow the light of butterflight.


Nothing is gained by despair, and wherever our path wanders

we must believe that butterflight will go beyond the thorns,

and if we try again, we may find that patch of flowers.








Last Updated: 4/12/12