Volume Two


by Stephanie Augustine

It is a perfect sphere, a glass globe.

All colors of the rainbow shimmer in its centre:

rose, buttercup, sunlight, leaf, water, and sunset

arching in an iridescent streak.

                     Above the fresh-mown grass on which it rests,

                     scents which spiral up to me

                      tell of clouds, fresh air, and fish-

                      the smell of the earth after a heavy rain.

                                  Flute music echoes through green valleys

                                  that in my mind, it once passed through.

                                  Memories of how it was once a hurricane

                                  howling and thundering, wreaking havoc below.

                                            It is cool on my skin, damp, of course,

                                            soaking in through the pores of my hand.

                                            If it had been a bit colder, it would be

                                             A crystal, sharp edged, and icy.

                                                                  Smooth, crisp and clear,

                                                                  a waterfall from clouded peaks

                                                                  tumbling down my throat.

                                                                  Soothing, refreshing.








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