Volume Two

Hey Stranger

by Kelsey Beck

Hey stranger.

Where have you been?

Heard life's been getting better

Since I mistakenly let him win.

Bet work has been keeping you busy,

Driving you in circles until you're dizzy.

But I've missed that little half-smile.

Haven't seen it in such a long while.

And more than that I've learned to miss

That sweet voice of yours, the way you kiss.

I can't believe I gave up those nights I watched you sleep

To fall in the arms of the next sweet-sounding creep.

I just know you've become another deep rooted memory.

And I should have known I was going to miss you this incredibly.

And I can't stand the fact that I must now watch your life pass

In pictures, comments, tags, and carefully worded statuses.

I hope you know I'd take it all back if I could.

Even though nothing changes if I would.

So hey stranger.

Where have you been?

I can't stand being on the outside looking in.








Last Updated: 4/12/12