Volume Two

Little Lights

by Alyssa Babecki

Don't be in a hurry

Little lights, little lights.

Wait your turn.

Let the rhythm be your guide.

 Your beauty will one day take the stage

And people will stare in awe and wonder.

Remember good things come to those who wait.

But wait.

You're speeding up, speeding up.

Hit the brakes before you all go out.

Don't rush the routine.

Let us savor the flavor

Of your swirls and circles,

Your X's and O's.

Your chemistry bewilders me,

You blend so wonderfully.

I see not a flaw in your work,

Only unintentional miracles

Made to change how the world is viewed.

I could keep watch all day and night,

Never getting bored of your unpredictable movement.









Last Updated: 4/12/12