Volume Two

The Boogie Man

by Angela Ragsdale

A little boy is two years old

A little boy sobs but there's no one there to hold him. He's scared and he's frightened - his pants are wet, he had a bad dream. His mother's not there to hold him, to change him, to love and comfort him. He sits in his bed with tears rolling down his cheeks and his blanket held to his face. He holds his teddy tight, his only form of comfort. That little boy only wishes to feel safe - he needs to be protected because the boogie man is out to get him.

That little boy is five

The little boy panics but there's no one there to pick him up. He's lost and he's scared. He walks around the sidewalk with his backpack on his back. First he's smiling because of joy - what a wonderful first day of school he had, he can't wait to tell his mother. He begins to pout because he's scared, no one is there to take him home. Now he's in a panic because he's lost: "Mom, where are you, Mommy?" The boogie man has forgotten him.

That little boy is eight

The little boy screams but there's no one there to love him. He's hurt and he's scared. There is someone in his bed. A man, a teenager, a stranger; his brother. He takes his clothes off then the little boy's. "No I don't like this, it hurts, please don't make me feel that pain." That little boy is frightened; the boogie man has gotten him.

That little boy is eleven

The little boy begs out but there is no one there to comfort him. He's baffled and he's scared. His father kisses him on the forehead: "it's for the best," and drives away. He realizes he will never see his dad again; the boogie man has left him.

That little boy is thirteen

The little boy holds his breath because there's a man to lust him. H's cold and he's scared. He closes his eyes and tightens his body - trying to forget the pain. That little boy is naked, feeling the cold air upon his body in a stranger's car. He holds his pride in a swallow and fights to keep from crying; the boogie man has paid him.

That little boy is seventeen

The little boy wants peace but there's no one there to help him. He's hollow, he's scared - his needle has destroyed him. The little boy cries out: "let me be, let me free, just let me go." He finds a clinic and checks in, starts begging for relief - "Doctors, take my sweats away, cure my chills, help me free my body from this want, I can't stand the pain." The little boy is scared to death; the boogie man’s destroying him.

That little boy is nineteen

The little boy moans for now there's a girl to kiss him. He's overcome with pleasure but also scared as well. He does not have protection but this time he does not care. He loves her and he wants her - he can't stop; now he explodes. "I love you with everything I am." He looks down at her and smiles; now the boogie man is loving him.

That little boy is twenty-one

The little boy yells out because there's a baby there to need him. He is scared and he's frustrated. "I can't do this! I can't do this, I'm not to be a father!" She's left him at the door. “I hope you love him like I wanted to” He picks him up and holds him, he realizes he loves him; the boogie man now needs him.

That little boy is twenty-five

The little boy cries out but there’s no one there to comfort him. He's scared and he's frightened - more frightened than before. They take the blood from his arm and he waits a week. The test is back the blood is in. It appears that you are sick. There is no cure but there is medicine, you can have a healthy, normal life. He stands in shock, his eyes wide open: "I can't die, I have a son, they need me to survive." He understands responsibility but the concept of the letters A-I-D-S baffles him; the boogie man is killing him.

That little boy is twenty-eight

The little boy wants peace inside. He's destroyed inside and scared. He pulls into a shell wanting to be forgotten - his heart is hurt and he's bogged down with chains. He rolls into a ball with tears rolling down his face: "Lord you are the only true salvation please help me learn how to be the man I was to be." He only wants to feel free. The power hits, the chains are gone, his soul is lifted from the dark; the boogie man is gone.

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