Volume Two

The Buddhist Grilled Cheese Sandwich

by Sascha Fink

He spreads butter on each slice of bread.

Not too much not too little.

The cat paws at his leg. She is hungry.

He turns on the stove top burner.


He hears the ding of mail on his computer.

He sets the first piece of bread onto the skillet.

He puts the cheese in between and sets the final

Peace on top.

His daughter calls down to him. She wants him to watch TV with her.

He hears the butter start to sizzle. The smell of the bread and

Melted cheese begins to mingle inside his nostrils.

He waits.

The cat still paws at his leg. She wants food.

He waits.

Another email.

He flips the cheese sandwich. The crust is delicate

And brown, perfectly cooked.

He waits again.

The telephone rings. It will go to voicemail.

The second side begins to brown. Perfectly.

His daughter comes into the kitchen.




He takes the sandwich off the skillet and sets it on a plate.

He hands it to his daughter.








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