Fool's Love

by Brianna Coleman

She ran her fingers through her sea-matted mahogany hair which covered her exposed breasts. Sitting on a rock, her lower body was submerged in the ocean water. It was a calm, sunny day; the waves swayed in and crashed gently against the cliffs. A boat floated quietly nearby, its only anchor a rope tied around a thin rock. For days she had been watching this cove, admiring its mystery, but also taking a keen look at the man who continuously visited it. He was in his twenties, built strong like a sailor, and had sun bleached hair. He came to this inlet when the sun was high almost daily for the past week.

On his first day the woman saw him, the sailor was dragging his boat to the shore. She heard his grunts from pulling the boat onto the sand. After the struggle, he had sat down on a slimy rock and stuck his feet in the water. The woman watched from a distance as the young man pulled out what looked like a locket. He tightened his grip around the object and held it to his chest. “Oh, Olivia,” he sobbed. “One day we will be reunited, my love.” The woman knew not who Olivia was, but she assumed this young man encountered and fell in love with this lady overseas.

The next time the woman saw him, he found a pigeon with a message tied to its foot perched on his boat. After moments of reading it, the man cried out in ecstasy as he read:

“My love, I cannot stand another moment without you. For this reason, I have taken it upon myself to gather a ship and crew and set sail to come find you. When you read this, I will already be half way to you. After four days, I will come to you. Come to the sea when the sun is high, and I will be waiting. Yours Truly, Olivia”

“Olivia! Fate has safely brought this letter to me! Oh my sweet, we will be together at last!” The woman watched the man’s joy in a twisted satisfaction. She knew that Olivia would never arrive.

It was the fourth day, and the woman sat on the rock humming gently, knowing he would arrive soon. Just above the sound of the waves she could hear feet pounding against the ground. A grin spread across her face as she continued humming and staring out at the sea.

He reached the worn path down to the cove, panting slightly, and scurried down it. His foot caught a loose rock, and he fell to his back and slid the rest of the way down, throwing dust up in the air. She giggled like a small child, catching his attention.

“Oh my, I didn’t realize there was someone down here,” he stated, getting up and brushing the dirt off his white polo. She abruptly started singing haunting lullabies of shipwrecks and lost sailors. He smiled brilliantly up at her, but his gaze quickly turned into bewilderment as he took her in. His eyes wandered from her alarming green ones, to her dazzling white smile, to her sheer nakedness. He was mesmerized, rendered speechless, and his purpose for coming to the cove abandoned him.

“Why hello,” she said, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Hello,” he stated, slowly approaching the rock she sat on. “My God. You… you are absolutely beautiful.” His hand found its way to her cheek, where she placed her delicate hand over his and beamed at him.

“Your beauty is so striking… unnatural,” he murmured staring into her emerald eyes.

“Oh yeah?” she teased, picking up her lower body out of the water to reveal something quite different from legs.

 “A mermaid?! What God has sent me this miraculous gift?”

“Why don’t we go for a swim?” she suggested, nodding towards the boat bobbing in the water. She leaned forward and brushed her lips against his before backing away and peering seductively up at him through her long lashes.

“That sounds wonderful!” he said, scrambling over to untie the boat and grab an oar.

She sprung off her rock and dove under the water, reappearing a few hundred feet out in the ocean within seconds, still singing her enchanting song. He rowed after her as fast as he could. Once he reached her, he threw the oars down in the boat, propped his elbows on the edge and sighed. “Your voice is captivating,” he said, bending forward just a bit more.

“I’m glad you enjoy it; let me tell you a secret,” she said as she pulled herself up slightly on the boat’s edge. He leaned over, meeting her halfway. Her smile could be heard in her voice as she whispered in his ear, “Beauty can be deceiving, love.”

The mermaid placed her arms around the sailor’s neck, bared jagged teeth, and pulled him into the depths of the ocean before he could fully comprehend what she told him, leaving only bubbles from gasping breath underwater and the rocking little rowboat.


Last Updated: 4/8/13