You Occupy My Thoughts

by Rachel Morgandale

When I stop to count the miles

            (The thousands of miles)

And I think of the time zones

That hold our bodies apart

            (Bodies that were once in such proximity)

It seems curious to me that fate

            (Or at the very least Oxford)

Brought us together in the summer.

Now intrusive life pushes us apart.

And I wonder why you weigh on me

            (Hooked to my feet, knees, fingertips, spinal column)

And I wonder if I weigh on you too

            (I fear I already know the answer).

My heart is a closed mouth

            (An obtuse organ if ever there was one)

But you’re ever in my thoughts,

You steal a percentage of my mind

            (Both in waking and sleeping it seems).

Maybe more time will kill this fancy down,

All the miles certainly haven’t.

Last Updated: 4/8/13