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Leadership Series at Cedar Crest College Unleashes the Power of Women  

Allentown, Pa. (Feb. 5, 2013)–The first-ever Cedar Crest College Power of Women Leadership Series seminar, titled “The Power and Influence of Leadership Development,” was held on January 31, and by all accounts the sold-out program was a rousing success.

Presenters (from left) Jo Miller
and Diane Moyer, Ph.D.

The participants–women at every career level from approximately two dozen regional businesses and organizations–listened intently to speakers Jo Miller, CEO of Women’s Leadership Coaching, and Diane Moyer, Ph.D., Cedar Crest College professor and U.S. Olympic field hockey medalist, as they provided a wealth of techniques for women to advance in their careers.

“If a person works hard and is a hard worker, what do they attract more of–more hard work, not necessarily the visibility and recognition and advancement that can lead them into really attaining the full potential in their career,” said Miller, whose presentation focused on how women could navigate through office politics and network in order to cultivate a sphere of influence within their organizations. “Men tend to be more comfortable talking about their accomplishments. When women develop effective ways to showcase results and to make their value visible, they tend to advance more rapidly in their career and tend to be viewed by those around them as leaders.”

Miller said that those who are new to the workforce can spend the first couple of years with their nose to the grindstone building a reputation as a hard worker, but they must then take an active role in distinguishing themselves as leaders and motivators within the organization or risk being typecast as a “worker bee” forever.

Denise Sullivan, director of institutional giving for Girls Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania, said of the seminar: “It was truly one of the best trainings I have been to, especially with Jo and Diane leading the group of already very talented women leaders in understanding our own personal and professional potential.”

Veronica Sanchez, director of a bicultural/bilingual adult internal medicine clinic at Lehigh Valley Health Network, added: “The program was very impressive. I think we (women) need to be there for each other and help each other continue to grow, and programs like this inspire us to continue to do more.”

The Power of Women Leadership Series is one of the key initiatives of the Women’s Leadership Institute at Cedar Crest College. There are four more seminars in the series coming up later this year, focusing on various aspects of leadership from a woman’s perspective.

Seminar participant Denise Sullivan networks with other attendees

The next seminar on April 18 titled, “The Power of Whole Brain Communication,” features psychotherapist Robi Ludwig, who has been featured on nationally syndicated news programs including the Today Show, The View and Oprah, and Cedar Crest College Assistant Communication Professor Elizabeth Ortiz, whose research focuses on images in the media– particularly those of women and people of color–and how they impact various cultures and our society.

Future topics in the Power of Women Leadership Series include: “The Power of Positive Social Change” (7/25); “The Power of a 2-year, 10-year Career Plan” (9/19); and “The Power of Running Your Own Business” (11/7).

“In its first year, this program pulls together experts from a wide variety of backgrounds, all of whom have something incredible to contribute to an up-and-coming emerging woman leader,” said Miller. “I highly recommend participating in not only one (seminar) but (several) to pull together all of the pieces that will help you take charge of your career advancement.”


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