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Students Visit NYSE and Manage a Portfolio to Obtain Hands-On Financial Experience

Allentown, PA (April 1, 2004) - Cedar Crest College's Business Management students along with members of the Investment Club will witness supply and demand in action as they take part in an educational seminar at the New York Stock Exchange on April 1, 2004. Students will participate in a discussion that centers on how trade is conducted and how the stock exchange functions. After the session, students will visit the Member's Gallery where they can watch the activity that takes place on the trading floor.

"After learning all about how financial markets actually work, the students become very excited to see it all take place - live," says Chris Duelfer, Assistant Professor of Management and Business at Cedar Crest College. "This is a terrific way to incorporate a real-world experience with foundational learning."

Members of Cedar Crest's Investment Club consistently practice real-world financial applications as they manage their own stock portfolio. Donated to the College in 1997 by Dr. Henry Fetterman, the portfolio began at $25,000. Today, the portfolio is valued at over $42,000. Students meet every week to bring new ideas to the group and to make group decisions. After conducting thorough company analyses, the students must come to a consensus before deciding to take action to buy or sell their stock.

"This organization allows students to make decisions and then learn from them," says Duelfer. "Sometimes losing money can be just as valuable a learning experience as gaining money. They get a sense of the risk that is involved with financial investments."

One of the Investment Club's recent endeavors is with OraSure Technologies, a Bethlehem-based medical diagnostics company. Students first invested in the company one year ago. Although the stock did not perform well initially, the future appears promising as the company just released the only FDA approved collection device that collects oral fluid to test for antibodies to the HIV-1 virus and the stock's value is rising.

"For the students, the most valuable lesson may be understanding investment for the long-term," says Duelfer. "The practical, hands-on experience of managing a portfolio can be invaluable to their personal lives."

Fore more information on the trip to the NYSE or on the Investment Club, please contact the College Relations Office at 610-740-3790.

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Abigail Fota
College Relations Associate - Media


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