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YES I CAN Series Teaches Skills to Keep Kids at Every Swimming Level Fit and Healthy

Allentown, PA (April 7, 2006) – With the problem of childhood obesity reaching epidemic proportions in America today, there is a greater need to encourage and educate young people about healthy habits. The Rodale Aquatic Center for Civic Health is proud to announce a new program for students who enjoy swimming as exercise that combines aquatic techniques with practical health and nutrition information.

The program is called Youth Swimming for Sport and Fitness and is the first offering in a new series, Youth Education Sports Initiative – conditioning, aquatics and nutrition (YES I CAN), at the Aquatic Center. The program is available for student athletes through age 17 and begins its first session on Monday, April 17, 2006. Classes are held Monday-Friday from 4:30 – 7:00 p.m. and offers open enrollment throughout the session.

"This is a flexible program that allows the student athlete to decide how much practice and experience he/she wants to get out of a swim program," says Scott Rowlands, director of programming and athletics at the Aquatic Center. "The goal is to provide the students with the training and education necessary to maintain health and fitness while learning to swim all four strokes and turns."

Enrolled swimmers will begin each practice with a class that addresses one of a number of diverse topics from lane manners, to preventing swimmer's ear, to how much water you need to drink when swimming. From there it's into the pool for skill building in each stroke and turn.

"We saw a need for a non-competitive program that addresses the whole swimmer and, through our affiliation with Cedar Crest College, the Aquatic Center has the qualified resources to incorporate health and nutrition into the stroke and turn training," says Susan Danish, director of administration and community relations at the Aquatic Center. "The program is designed to challenge swimmers at all levels from beginner to advanced."

For more information about the new Youth Swimming for Sport and Fitness program, please contact the Rodale Aquatic Center at 610-606-4670.

About the Rodale Aquatic Center for Civic Health

The Rodale Aquatic Center is dedicated to fostering civic health and wellness by providing educational opportunities to the larger community, both alone and in cooperation with other organizations, that enhance the development of mind, body and spirit through a comprehensive array of aquatic classes, integrated with academic topics focused on healthy lifestyles. In addition to traditional swimming lessons for adults and children, the Aquatic Center strives to serve the diverse needs of the community with programs like YES I CAN, Aqua Pilates/Ai Chi, Multiple Sclerosis Shallow Water, “Moms in Motion,” Red Cross Certification, Health and Wellness lectures and many others. For a complete list of offerings, contact the Aquatic Center at 610-606-4670 or visit www.rodaleaquaticcenter.org.


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