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Allentown, PA (August 22, 2007) - Tina DeRamus will display a selection of her drawings in "Out of Time," a new exhibition at Cedar Crest College.  The show will open on September 17, 2007 with an artist talk and reception at 5:00 p.m. in the Cressman Gallery.

The drawings in this exhibit cover the last three and a half years of DeRamus's work and follow the progress of her art from her last year as a graduate student to the present.  During this time, DeRamus has avidly pursued the process of automatic drawing and found inspiration in a rediscovered passion for the work of the Surrealists.

"Through experimenting with automatic drawing, I found a way of merging my love of drawing with a life-long interest in the depths of human consciousness," says DeRamus.  "While doing research for my thesis, I ran across the diary of Hugo Ball and my fascination with the Surrealists' passion for exploring the human psyche began to surface again.  It was the first time I began to think seriously about what it means to create work free from intention."

DeRamus notes that animals tend to emerge as a recurring subject in her automatic drawings, but occasionally other themes come through.  Much of the recent work included in the exhibit incorporates what the artist has learned from automatic drawing with more narrative content.  She acknowledges that there has always been a gothic sensibility to her work and that her newest drawings expand on that theme by directly referencing popular artistic themes of that period including death and the maiden, memento mori and the temptation of St. Anthony.

"My drawings are not solely a product of intellect and imagination.  Although their contribution is indisputable, to work exclusively within these aspects would reduce me to exploring territory that has already been thoroughly traveled," says DeRamus. "My job as an artist is not to illustrate the limitations of my mind, but rather to create conditions that allow me to work free from them."

Tina DeRamus received her bachelor of fine arts from the University of Houston and her master's degree from New York's School of Visual Arts.  She has participated in group exhibitions in both Houston and New York City.  She resides in Brooklyn, NY.

"Out of Time," runs from September 17, 2007 - January 8, 2008 in the Cressman Gallery and is free and open to the public.  The Cressman Gallery is open during Cressman Library hours.  Call 610-606-4605 for hours of operation.  For more information, please contact Brian Wiggins, gallery coordinator, at 610-606-4666, ext. 3469.

"Self Portrait with Skull" (detail), Ink & Gouache on paper, 22-3/4"x16", May 2007


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