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Allentown, PA (December 10, 2008)—Cedar Crest College presents an exhibit of painter Brienne Rosner’s work titled, “Systems Thinking,” in the Cressman Library Gallery of Cedar Crest College from January 19 through May 16, with an artist talk and reception on February 25, beginning at 5 p.m.

Rosner uses mixed media and diverse paint mixtures and application techniques to consistently discover new and exciting ways to present her vision. The artist says her work “tends to appear abstract,” but that her imagery is taken from real life and objects.

Photo courtesy of the artist.
“VC606” 2007, Urethane, acrylic on wood,  18” by 17.25”

“I am intrigued by the radiant colors and intricate shapes found in the natural world, many of which look artificial to the human eye. I am attracted to logically derived systems and patterns found repeatedly in nature, and man’s attempt to imitate them. The ideas of microcosm and macrocosm are at the core of my work,” said Rosner. “My goal is to create paintings which, regardless of their size, will capture someone at a distance and engage the viewer in a manner in which their eyes will scan from across the room to within an inch of the painting’s surface, discovering its detail visible only from as close as their eyes can focus."   

Most recently, Rosner’s art has been displayed at Art for the Cash Poor 9 in Philadelphia, the Monsoon Gallery in Bethlehem, the Grand Cinema in East Stroudsburg, and the Sally D. Francisco Gallery in Layton, N.J., which is part of the Peters Valley Craft Center, where she works. Her art is featured in collections at Boston Public Library and Metcalf Center at Boston University.

The East Stroudsburg artist earned her BFA in Painting from Boston University in 2005.

The exhibit is free and open to the public. The Cressman Library Gallery is open during Cressman Library hours. Call 610-606-4605 for hours of operation. For additional information contact Gallery Coordinator Brian Wiggins at 610-606-4666, ext. 3469.




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