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Cedar Crest Performing Arts Presents Contemporary Comedy Trust from Feb. 25-28

Allentown, PA (Feb. 15, 2010)—Cedar Crest College performing arts presents the Lehigh Valley premiere of Trust—a dramatic comedy of love, lust and lying written by Stephen Dietz—from February 25-28 in the Samuels Theatre of Tompkins College Center. The play is directed by Tim Brown, assistant professor of performing arts.



Set against the backdrop of the rock music scene, Trust is a series of vignettes about six urbanites in pursuit of love: Cody, the rising star musician; Becca, his fiancée; Gretchen, the dressmaker; Leah, the aging rock star looking for another shot; Roy, the public radio announcer; and finally Holly, the young Bohemian. Each is searching to understand the elusive concept of trust.

“Trust is a play that really speaks to me because of its contemporary voice, and the backdrop of the rock music scene. I love using contemporary music in my productions, and there is an amazing soundtrack to our production, which should be fun,” said Brown. “I am also really intrigued by the idea of the word ‘trust’… thinking about what it takes to gain trust from another, what it takes to maintain that trust, what actions cause that trust to dissolve, and finally, can that trust be regained? There is the notion of trust in others, as well as trust in one’s self. All of these ideas are explored in the production.”

The cast of Trust includes several Cedar Crest students, including junior Hannah Walters of Grantsville, Md. as Becca; junior Grace Patton of Clarksburg, Md. as Gretchen; sophomore Amoren Jimenez of Allentown, Pa. as Leah; senior Samantha Hyson of Okinawa, Japan as Holly; and first-year student Yael Degani of Allentown, Pa. as an understudy. Other members of the cast are Bob Trexler as Roy and Dave Serfass as Cody. Patton, Hyson and Serfass were cast members for another Brown-directed Cedar Crest production in September—The Iliad, the Odyssey, and All of Greek Mythology in 99 Minutes or Less.

Scenery and lighting design are by Roxanne Amico, professor of performing arts. Costume design is by Costume Director Rebecca Callan, and stage manager is senior Sondra Getz of Stevens, Pa.

Trust runs at Cedar Crest College from Feb. 25-27 at 8 p.m., and Feb. 28 at 2 p.m. Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for seniors and $5 for students with I.D. For more information or tickets call the box office at 610-606-4608.


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