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Allentown, PA (February 2, 2006) – The Rodale Aquatic Center for Civic Health at Cedar Crest College announced that its current aquatic fitness instructor staff has completed the necessary requirements for certification through the Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA), an internationally recognized organization for aquatic fitness professionals. While this certification is offered to any aquatic fitness instructor, it is rare for one facility to have all of its instructors AEA certified and to require future instructors to obtain this certification as well.

"Aquatic exercise is an effective, low-impact addition to anybody's workout routine," says Scott Rowlands, director of the Rodale Aquatic Center. "The knowledge gained through this certification helps our instructors build and teach the best possible programs and keeps us on the cutting edge of aquatic fitness opportunities for our athletes."

That knowledge includes going beyond learning the basic moves of a class. The AEA certification process addresses physiology and kinesiology, as well as how to write programs for different groups based on level of experience and medical needs. The process also requires instructors to complete six months of in-service training and they must participate in continuing education courses to be eligible for certification renewal every two years.

"As AEA certified instructors, we have a higher level of confidence in what and how we teach our classes," says Seth Rehrig, fitness coordinator at the Aquatic Center. "That confidence and knowledge translates to better results for our athletes."

Over the years, aquatic exercise has come to mean much more than swimming laps in the pool and now incorporates a number of fitness disciplines to address participants' individual needs and goals. For example, the Rodale Aquatic Center, which refers to all of its adult patrons as "athletes," offers innovative programs like Aqua Pilates and Deep Water Running, and condition-specific programs like Arthritis Plus and Moms in Motion for prenatal and postpartum fitness. The Aquatic Center has also been chosen to host this year's AEA certification course in Hydroriding, a workout that is similar to popular spinning classes, but designed for the water using Hydrorider bikes. The course also includes the certification for the Fitness Professional.

For more information about the Rodale Aquatic Center and program offerings, please contact -606-4670 or e-mail aquatics@cedarcrest.edu. You can also visit the Web site at www.rodaleaquaticcenter.org.

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About AEA

The Aquatic Exercise Association is a not-for-profit educational organization dedicated to the growth and development of the aquatic fitness industry and the safety of the public served. AEA has certified 45,000 professionals worldwide and maintains a strong membership base with representation in more than 50 countries.



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